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As the co-founders of Beneath the Sage, this statement is our driving force in life. We live every day striving to increase our understanding of the natural world because the more we educate ourselves, the better we can protect this place we all call home.

Husband and wife, passionate adventurers, and cat parents - we live a life dedicated to the great outdoors, conservation and family with the hope to inspire and educate adventurers in all stages of life to explore nature. 


"The natural world is beautiful to behold, but it is even more incredible to understand. "

about us

We met in college and moved back to Milwaukee after graduation near where Andy grew up. After 5 years of being together, we officially tied the knot! Andy has an undergraduate and Masters degree in Geology and I have a degree in Marketing. We have two adorable (sometimes sassy) cats and plan on adding a pup to the mix soon!

Andy is the chef in the family and while I love to cook, baking will always have my heart. I love photography, hot coffee, cozy blankets, and bonfires. Andy has a soft spot for big trees, flowers (especially lilacs), and birds. He is incredibly adventurous, always dreaming up the next exploration while I am more restrained, organized and basically everything type A. We both love to laugh, take long walks, and travel.

Join us on our journey to better understand and experience the natural world first hand! Come see why these wild places are something worth fighting for. 

- Lisa and Andy -

Welcome back to our Food Plot adventure! Last time, we talked about all the prep work like why we wanted to plant food plots and where we were going to plant them. We also described the soil testing process and how we were going to improve the soil chemistry to make it more suitable for […]

We always see tons of deer on our property in the summer months, but once September rolls around, it always seems like most of the deer vacate the property. We wanted a way to try and hold some of those deer there during the hunting season so we had a better chance of getting one. […]

Back in August, Lisa and I went on a weekend camping trip to Wyalusing State Park. We camped here about 5 years ago when we first started dating so it was about time for a return trip! About the Park Wyalusing State Park and Hardwood Forest is a 2700-acre park located in southeastern Wisconsin, near […]

One of my favorite things about the spring and summer seasons is watching all the wildflowers come into bloom. It’s a little reminder that the seasons are steadily marching on and that every flower gets it’s time to shine. Lisa and I love going on walks and keeping an eye out for which flowers are […]

butterfly weed flower

With summer well and truly in the air, that means it’s birding season! This is the best time of year to see all kinds of different birds. Some are locals that stick around all year, and some are migratory birds that are just passing through for the summer. This backyard birding guide will help you […]

dove in tree

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