It’s not every day you find a kitchen implement that is equally beautiful and useful, but this cruet tops the list! Easy to pour and pretty enough to leave on the counter, it makes cooking so much easier.

cruet for oil or vinegar

Scent drippers are a great way to make a mock scrape. This model is designed to only drip during the day which helps brings deer by your stand while you’re there!

deer scent dripper in camouflage

These are a really handy thing to have while setting up tree stands. They can be used as steps, handles, gear hangers, and more. Super tough and sturdy as well.

8 pack of metal tree steps

The only broadheads I will use for deer, period. They are the most lethal and accurate broadheads I have ever shot, enough said! And the case makes it easy to organize all your blades and keep them safe and sharp.

rage broadhead arrow tip and carrying case

The most valuable hunting tool you can buy. Knowing where you’re standing and who owns the land is a powerful tool. The features in the app super useful even if you don’t hunt on public land.  Easy to use interface, and you can share waypoints with friends.

onX maps membership card

The days of dirty cookie sheets are over! I love to bake and I’ve spent way too many hours scrubbing my cookies sheets trying to get the burnt-on bits to come off. A coworker of mine recommended these silicone baking sheets and they are life-changing! No more Pam and no more scrubbing for me.

a set of 2 silicone baking mats

I don’t go anywhere in the morning without a cup of coffee. On mornings when I need my coffee to-go, I always grab my Contigo thermos. They come in tons of colors and they keep your coffee hot all morning long!

contigo coffee thermos

We buy a lot of produce every week so instead of using the plastic bags at the store, we bring our own mesh bags. These are amazing because they are machine washable and come in a variety of sizes.

reusable mesh produce bags

Having a reusable water bottle is a great way to cut down on single-use plastic. Plus, this bottle is insulated so your water stays ice cold all day long!

stainless steel water bottle with straw

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect pair of hiking boots, and everyone is going to prefer something a little different. But my current favorites are the Danner Adrika boots in Ash.

women's danner hiking boots in the color ash

It took us a while to finally buy trekking poles, but they are definitely worth it! Especially if you often hike at elevation or in winter, trekking poles help to take some strain off your legs and they provide additional balance.

trekking poles for hiking

If you’re going on a longer, multi-day hike, having a solar charger is a great item to bring! This charger also doubles as a flashlight and can charge 2 devices at the same time.

solar phone charger

It’s always important to have a small, multipurpose tool with you when you’re out on the trail. Our favorite is the Leatherman Multi-Tool and it’s amazing how often it comes in handy!

leatherman multi-tool

Simple but effective, we never go camping without our water cooler. It may seem like overkill, but having a 5-gallon cooler means you don’t have to walk all the way to the camp water source every time you need to refill your water bottle or wash dishes.

blue coleman water cooler

While these are more of a nice-to-have than a camping necessity, we love having these simple mats on the floor of our tent! They provide extra cushion and are much warmer than the tent floor when you’re getting ready in the morning.

grey foam tent mats

Having a multi-purpose tool is ideal for camping because it cuts down on the amount of gear you need to pack. This tomahawk is perfect for chopping wood, pounding in tent stakes, and so much more!

tomahawk tool with cover

Having a hands-free light source makes camping so much easier. Whether you’re walking to the restroom after dark, or cleaning up around your campsite, we love having reliable headlamps while camping!

headlamp with batteries next to it

Don’t let mosquitos keep you from enjoying the outdoors! Thermacell is our favorite mosquito repellent because it really works and there’s no spray or bad smell.

termacell mosquito repellant

Never forget your camping essentials again! With our complete camping pack list, you’ll be set for your next outdoor adventure.

Camp cooking doesn’t have to stop at smores and popcorn over an open fire. Use our camping meal planner to outline a trip full of delicious meals, plus a shopping list to ensure you have everything you need!

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